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Gain new functionality for your Poll tab
Integrate Poll with STAR Social and enhance your polling.

1. Create fan/ non-fan view
Previously available as a custom solution only. This functionality is greatly popular with admins, who want to create a simple poll-powered contest on their pages. Basically you can display a two different versions of your tab to each user – depends whether she is or is not a fan. Most commonly admins use this to greet non-fans with a welcome version of their tab and after they like it, they can vote in the poll.  

2. Add multiple Polls to your tab


Poll will function in Page Manager as a plug-in, so it it will be possible to add multiple plug-ins (and multiple polls) on your tab. Great for creating questionnaires for your fans or simple contest.



3. Language versions of Poll


Most Facebook Pages now have a global audience. You Poll can now be set up that way, so it will dislay different language versions according to which language does the fan use Facebook in.



4. Enable comments below each poll


This was previosuly a premium feature, but now admins can add Facebook comments below their poll by simply adding the plug in. Read the how-to here.



5. Add a background


To create more branded tab, you can make use of the bacground plug-in and upload an image of your choice. Previously only available as a custom solution.



Custom development:

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