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STAR Social Analytics are highly accurate. They can track virtually any action and tie it to a respective campaign or user. It also helps us automatically reward the most active users and influencers.

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Post Manager Top

Schedule Posts

Schedule posts for a specific time or location.

Batch Posts

Post on multiple Facebook and Twitter pages.

Target Audience

Choose countries and languages you want to reach.

Notify Users

Email posts to authorized fans (Premium Feature)

Track Activity

View posts, likes and comments on your pages.

Moderate Content

Moderate posts and delete inappropriate comments.

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Movie Page

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Music Store

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Video Gallery

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Display & Share

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  • Facebook Invite

    The Facebook Invite will give your fans the chance to send a Page Invite to their friends and spread the news about your page. Great tool for growing your fan base.

  • Facebook Activity

    Show your fans how their friends interact with your brand on Facebook and inspire them to be active too. This plug-in will display users friend's activity in your tab.

  • Facebook Share

    Add a share button on your tab and allow your fans to share your content between them. Choose the URL you want them to share and you are good to go. Neat thing: You can personalize your share button too.

  • Facebook Like

    Insert the classic Facebook Like button into your tab and give fans the option to like specific content.

  • Facebook Comments

    This plug-in is the easiest way of how to enable your fans to add comments on your tab. Really handy and simple to use. Just choose the number of comments that can be displayed and the color scheme and you're good to go.

  • Facebook Events

    Create your own Facebook Event Calendar Tab with this plug-in. Use our other plug-ins to provide extra information - add a trailer to a film night or songs above a party invitation.

  • Slideshow

    Present multiple products or information via Slideshow in one area. Assign each slide an individual action and create tailored presentations to inform and engage your fans.

  • YouTube Video

    Grab the attention from your fans and visitors with a YouTube video. With this plug-in you can embed trailers, tutorials or any other kind of video from YouTube straight to your tab.

  • Vimeo Video

    Engage and entertain your fans and visitors with a Vimeo video. This plug-in lets you embed your Vimeo videos straight to your tab.

  • Scribd Document

    Displaying documents has never been this easy. Embed presentations, spreadsheets, and more through publishing service Scribd.

  • File Download

    Let your fans download important files via this plug-in. You can upload files from your computer and let your fans download them via a link on your tab.

  • Gallery

    This neat plug-in allows you to display a gallery of images on your tab. With one click, the image pops up in a highlighted window with a caption and you can browse the gallery.

  • Video slideshow

    This plug-in allows you to create a video slideshow from your Vimeo and YouTube videos.

  • Music player

    With this plug-in you can add one or more mp3 files right on your tab. Stack them up and create a music player or just add them where you want to accentuate your content. This is a great building block for any music page.

  • Video Player

    This plug-in will let you upload your video file and publish it on your tab. With Facebook sharing enabled, users will be able to share your video on their profile.

  • Carousel

    This plug-in will make your page look quite impressive without any effort at all - it enables you to add a dynamic carousel presentation to your page and showcase your best products or images in a very sleek manner. Trust us and try it yourself, it is very easy to set up.

  • E-shop

    Create an online storefront with neatly organized products or services. One click will redirect your customers to your website where they can proceed to purchase or get more information.

  • Contact Form

    This simple plug-in allows your fans to contact you via the trusty contact form. Handy for directing fan communication to the right mailbox.

  • Google Maps

    A map always comes handy! Display the location of your business or directions via Google Maps and let your customers find the way to your office or store right away.

  • Gifts

    This plug-in will enable your friends to send little virtual gifts from your page to their friends. Great way to promote your products!

  • Poll

    Ask your fans what you want to know! Poll plug-in lets you import and select from your existing polls created in Facebook and it's the easiest way to get measureable feedback from your fans.

  • Fan Meter

    This plug-in allows you to add a fan meter, which will visualize the growing number of fans on your Page. You can also adjust the size and design. Make sure you read the help section to help you set it up.

  • Sweepstakes

    This plug-in packs quite a punch! Use it to create a simple sweepstakes campaign for your Facebook page. Complete with opt-in, user sign-up and space for your Terms and Conditions, it is your fastest way to a Facebook campaign. We suggest pairing it with Facebook Marketplace Ads for best results.

  • Image

    Use picture widget to add separate pictures or complex creatives to your tab. Each picture can be set to have an individual action, such as Like, Share, or URL destination.

  • Paragraph

    With the Paragraph plug-in you can insert text fields wherever needed with a few clicks.

  • Link

    Link plug-in allows you to easily add a text link or a button to your tab without the need to use HTML tags.

  • IFrame

    iFrame plug-in lets you insert and display content from an external website in a simple iFrame window.

  • HTML

    With the HTML plug-in you can insert or edit concent of your tab using the HTML tags.

  • Page Navigation

    This plug-in lets you design your own navigation for your tab. You can create a drop-down or horizontal menu and display different views of your tab content.

  • Pop-up Box

    Use this versatile plug-in to display information in a pop-up window that opens with a click on a button. Great for clean product displays or help information directly on your tab. Good Tip: You can add a link to your pop-up box by using the HTML tags.

  • Table

    This plug-in will add a simple table to your tab. Great for displaying structured information, such as prices. Images and links can also be added to your table.

  • Twitter Feed

    This plug-in enables you to add a simple Twitter feed to your tab. The feed will display all tweets from the username you provide. You can also set the number of tweets displayed.

  • News Box

    Show your customers and visitors that you have specialist knowledge and the most up-to-date information. Provide them with interesting news from your industry, business or everyday life.

  • RSS

    This plug-in will display an RSS feed on your tab. Fans will be able to share, like, tweet or message the content as well.

Social Analytics Top


Social Analytics is a section within STAR Social. It allows you to monitor multiple campaigns across multiple channels (not only Facebook) and measure your ROI.


Dashboard is a key section of the analytics. It clearly shows reach, engagement, and conversions generated by each campaign or program as a whole. It enables you to get an in-depth understanding of:

  • Sources your users come from
  • Pages they see
  • Actions they take
  • Relationships between sources, pages and actions


Here you can get a deeper understanding of each campaign you run:

  • Monitor performance of individual shortlinks
  • See clicks on the links and childlinks


  • Keep track of your actions to see what engaged users the most
  • See who performed which action
  • View when other actions were taken and when


Understand your users and optimize your future actions based on this understanding:

  • Know who your users are
  • What do they do when on your page
  • Where do they come from
  • What age are they


Lets you manage all campaigns you have enabled. You can:

  • See users who are in the process of earning a campaign reward
  • See users who earned a campaign reward
  • Select winners and contact them
  • Review reactions (received an email, received notification, received wall post)

Pricing Top

Available plans

Everything you need to publish engaging content at a great price.

Selected features
Post to Facebook / Twitter
Custom tabs
Basic Plug-ins
Premium plug-ins
White label solutions
Fan limit
Post scheduling
Tab templates
Fan-exclusive content
Viral Plug-ins
Social Analytics
A / B Testing
API Access
Optimize your presence and increase conversions
starts at$195 per month
Instant & Scheduled
Cultivate a deeper relationship with influencers
$19 per month or$190 per year
Instantly or Scheduled
6 Basic + 1 Premium
11 Available
1on1 Support
Create relevant and engaging fan pages
Free Forever
Instantly or Scheduled
6 Basic Tabs
9 Available
Facebook Wall, Twitter, Email

Contact Top

Need help?

We're more than happy to help you out with using STAR Social. Please use our Facebook wall or tweet us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Our team of developers and designers can create custom Facebook apps from scratch to suit your specific needs.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need to improve your apps functionality or would like to incorporate one of our templates and plug/ins. We're happy to tweak them for you for a fixed price.

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